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Domaine de Castillou - 11190 LUC SUR AUDE - FRANCE -


Dr Dominique Senn, after medical studies which led him to the Ospedale di Roma, then as assistant in Pr Eppinger's clinic in Vienna, opened his practice in 1944. From that moment, he never stopped trying to understand the genesis of the disease which might help and guide him in the art of healing.

In 1950, when he was chief doctor of the Birchen Benner Clinic in Zurich, his interest for Homeopathy was born. Thirty five years of research led him to a synthetic vision of the process regulating a healthy organism and of its pathological deviations. That research was promoted by numerous encounters, that of Mr Baron Guy de Rothschild and Mrs Baronnes Helena who helped him to start on his experimental research, that of Jacques Martin Hartz, of Dr P. Conne, then of Jacques Pialoux, whose contribution in acupuncture and chinese energetics was inestimable. Lastly, thanks to the International Center of Biological Research in Geneva, his thinking could widely be spread, with lectures given to doctors coming from Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland, at Divonne les Bains in September 1977.

In 1980, the Cornelius Celsius Foundation was created. Its administrative center is at Vatseret / Conthey, in the Swiss Valais and aim is to teach biological medecine. In that organisation, Dr Dominique Senn taught homeopathy, and especially the technic of toxinic "barrages" as well as the influence of toxiinfectiosis on chronic diseases development.

In 1985, Dr Dominique Senn stopped teaching. Jean Michel Capdeillayre, one of his former pupils who had already been teaching energetics since 1978, wished to resume that teaching, so that these years of research and discovery would not be vain. In 1992, the PSORE association was created in order to give a structure to that teaching. In this organisation and in collaboration with René Limont , doctors have been trained, and to day they successfully practise homeopathy in the south of France.

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Clément Max Friedrich Boenninghausen

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Enseignement de l'homéopathie de l'énergétique et de la technique des barrages du Dr Dominique Senn